2014 Seminars

ICOMOS ISC on Shared Built Heritage
2014 Study Tour and Symposia in South-East Asia

joint report by
Sue Jackson-Stepowski (ISC SBH Vice President) (Australia)
and Claus-Peter Echter (CIVVIH Executive) (Germany)


The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage (SBH) organised a Study Tour, Symposia and series of Round Table meetings in South East Asia between 13 and 24 April 2014.  Historic cities visited were UNESCO World Heritage “Melaka Straights” jointly inscription of George Town and Melaka in Malaysia, and Bandung in the Java highlands of Indonesia.  

In addition to representatives from each host country, delegates came from Australia, Germany, China, Japan, Poland and Canada. The joint members of ISCs SBH and CIVVIH who participated were Claus-Peter Echter, Siegfried Enders and Sue Jackson-Stepowski.  

The South East Asia cities’ visits were organised in cooperation with ICOMOS Malaysia, State of Malaka, State of Penang, City of George Town, ICOMOS Indonesia and the City of Bandung, as assisted by several ‘not-for-profit’ associations.

As always we had special access to sites normally inaccessible to the general public - viewings inside premises undergoing restoration (discussion on the how, why, materials and problems), inner workings of religious places, skilled craftmen’s workshops, and adaptive re-used buildings to many and varied new uses.  We experienced local foods, tea ceremonies, elegant dinners and participated in local activities.  Particular attention this time focused upon integrating arts, site interpretation and cultural programmes as part of historic precincts sustainability and how to engage younger generation and use start-up small businesses.  Walking around the historic precincts with our local colleagues provided wonder insights that normally a casual person would be oblivious.  

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