2015 Annual Report

The 4th ICOMOS-Wuhan Crossover Forum (2015)

From 31 October to 4 November 2015, ICOMOS-WRCSBH organized the 4th

ICOMOS-Wuhan Crossover Forum on “Creative Cities & Cultural Heritage” in

cooperation with the Wuhan Municipal Government, Hubei Provincial Administration

of Cultural Heritage and Wuhan University. 15 experts from ICOMOS ISC-SBH and

other ISCs as well as keynote speakers from relevant local and national sectors

delivered inspiring speeches on the relationship between heritage conservation and

creative development of cities. Different cases and practice from such countries as

Germany, U.K and Australia as well as Chinese cities as Ningbo, Macao and Wuhan

were presented while the concepts of IBA and HUL were introduced and discussed as

inspirational approaches to blueprint sustainable development of cities with

indispensible consideration of cultural heritage. Apart from the keynote speech

session, the ICOMOS experts also contributed to the “World Heritage Experts

Workshop” giving lectures to college students and faculty members. Add to the

repertoire in the 3rd Crossover Forum in 2014, the Crossover Dialogue of this year was

held between Prof. Feng Tianyu and Dr. Pierre Laconte talking about the encounter of

the West and the East.

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