News Review of Visit to India - Kolkata

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On 5 December the ISC Shared Built Heritage study tour of West Bengal enjoyed the delights of the South Kolkata Art Deco conservation area, led by Jawhar Sincar. Why did a 1902s European architectural style find so many takers in the 1950s and 1960s Kolkata?  To read the full article  - “ City secrets: Art Deco architecture spread across Kolkata, thanks to a state law – and jugaad : Preserving Art Deco architecture in the city is uniquely challenging because it is so commonplace, residents take it for granted”  - go to the web site address at   https://scroll.in/magazine/860603/city-secrets-art-deco-architecture-spread-across-kolkata-thanks-to-a-state-law-and-jugaad

Kolkatta 2017 750px

 5 Dec 2017 in South Kolkata Art Deco conservation area are ISC SBH tour members: Bron (Aus), Kamalika (India), Carsten (Denmark), Ian & Mary (Canada), - our guide Jawhar Sircar – Holga (Norway), Gouha (Canada), AT Goh (Malaysia). Photo credit: Deepanjan Ghosh.

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