In accordance with the Eger-Xi'an Principles, there will be two categories of SBH membership:

A. Expert Members

1 Expert Members are unlimited in number. They shall have the right to vote on all matters before the committee including the election of the members of a Committee Bureau.

2. Any member of ICOMOS with proven or established expertise in (urban) heritage management can be an Expert Member. SBH will verify the individual competence and expertise of applicants as well as to terminate the membership of a given expert member.

3. Experts Members may be nominated by their National Committee, or directly invited by SBH.

4 Expert Members shall have the right to participate in any aspect of the work of the committee.

B. Associate Members

1 Members of ICOMOS who wish to gain knowledge and build up an expertise in a given field through active volunteer work .

2 The ISC will select Associate Members from among the applicants. SBH will strive to incorporate Associate Members in their work.

3 Associate Members are conditionally accepted for a period of three years, after which time their contribution to the Committee will be evaluated using a transparent and well-understood methodology to assess their contributions to the Committee. The Associate Membership shall be:

a) Extended for another similar period of time, with a maximum of three such triennial extensions, or

b) Upgraded to Expert Member, or

c) Rejected on the basis of no participation or unsatisfactory performance.

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