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RecorDIM Task Group on

"Collecting, Compiling and Sharing Heritage Stereoviews"
to benefit conservation practices worldwide.

Adressing the RecorDIM initiative Roundtable-1 list of gaps and needs, in particular
"to improve perception and communication in Heritage recording, documentation and information management", listed at .

Using existing Heritage stereo views for, e.g. Relief enhancement: 
"Relief of Ramses III., hunting the wild bull on a temple wall in Theben", Egypt Keystone View Company, approx. 1910, No. 2595  

Obtaining new Heritage stereo views for e.g., replacing manual sketches:  
"Taking stereophotographs and sample stereopair of remaining parts of the largest antique Houses of Parliaments in Patara (Turkey)" 


Presenting Heritage Stereoviews based on the Nuoptix method, according to PULFRICH (1900):

(to percept the stereo effect of the mask cup of the Hildesheim Treasure, use sun glasses with one missing glass)


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