Objectives of SBH

  1. Build up a worldwide network for and of professionals working on or with shared built heritage.

  2. To promote a broad awareness of and appreciation for: historic urban and landscape structures, military works, and architecture developed through mutual or multinational efforts, among politicians and the general public, through publications and exhibitions.

  3. Monitoring actions on shared built heritage, especially if it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  4. To act on and point out Shared Built Heritage at risk.

  5. To promote research in this field.

  6. To act as a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience.

  7. To act as an advisory body for national and local governments and heritage societies.

  8. To support activities aimed at legal protection of Shared Built Heritage on a national and/or international level.

  9. To support activities aimed at integrated conservation.
    a.) In a technical sense
    b.) By nominating conservation intentions to public and private national and international financing funds.

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