Objectives of SBH

ICOMOS scientific group on Shared Built Heritage

  • To promote research into shared built heritage, including the identification and understanding of significant sites worldwide, and the protection, conservation, and management of this heritage.

  • To promote and safeguard Shared Built Heritage.

  • To promote knowledge and understanding of Shared Built Heritage.

  • To promote the collection and sharing of diverse professional experiences and knowledge, and to develop guidance for ICOMOS on Shared Built Heritage, taking into account cultural diversity and sensitivities, in cooperation with other ICOMOS Scientific and National Committees.

  • To promote awareness, appreciation, and interpretation of Shared Built Heritage.

  • To support capacity building for the conservation, management, and enhancement of Shared Built Heritage.

  • To address the needs of new Associate Members and emerging professionals in developing their specialisation and competence in Shared Built Heritage.


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