Contribution Policy

Members contribution guidelines


  1. Proposed contribution should be sent to the web master, initial contact via the Contact Us Menu Tab.

  2. A single contribution is restricted to maximum file size 10Mb.

  3. All written contributions must be sent as a < .pdf > file, photos can be integrated in this file.

  4. For separate photos, a maximum of 3 photos only : for a single photo, a size of 800x600 pixels is recommended; for multiple photos on the same page, a size of 175x131 pixels is recommended.

  5. All photos must have a note of the author and the date the photo was taken, preferably embedded in the photo itself.

  6. For examples of contribution style, see the Menu Tabs above.


  1. For photos with people in them, SBH contributors should use common sense, or have some form of qualifier when they take images.

  2. All pictures included on a web site should be respectful and appropriate given the committee mandate. Photos should be those which anyone would be comfortable to see in a report, newspaper, or magazine.

  3. If photos are related to an activity involving SBH, and where people in the photo act in a professional manner, then it is appropriate to include such photos. Examples of acceptable photos are: group photos of people on site visits, members giving presentations, members in an official capacity (such as at a meeting), or members taking site photos, street scenes or rural scenes.

  4. Photos should not to be of people in a private sense, or may cause embarrassment if shared, or of personal effects, private documents, personal / family identifiers, or unrelated to SBH activities.

  5. If in the course of an SBH activity when members are requested NOT to take photos, members should respect that request. For example: at a sacred site, or during a ritual. Examples of photos with people may be: a formal lunch or banquet, an organised SBH gathering in a traditional situation (e.g. Malacca traditional house event where a visit was organised to meet the family in their home and share a traditional meal with them). Examples of NOT appropriate photos are groups undertaking their private routines (e.g. a meal).

  6. When taking photos of SBH activities, members should check with individuals that they agree to have their image on a web site. This may be necessary even if the obvious intention is to show a site and not people in a photo.

  7. SBH may display photos of a deteriorated site or feature with an explanation, even if it may raise concerns to some people. In such situations the purpose should be clear that the intent is not to embarrass the host but rather to present a genuine conservation issue.

Additional information