a. Annual meeting:

plan and schedule annual meetings, preferably in conjunction with other heritage gatherings
[ 2009 annual meeting in Gdansk and Marianka, Poland, in cooperation with ICOMOS Poland, Gdansk University and local stakeholders;
2010 annual meeting in Paramaribo (best Febr – April), Surinam, dates to plan, cooperation with former ICOMOS National Committee of Suriname ISC, Wood and/or Cultural Landscapes;
2011 annual meeting in South-Africa, place and dates to plan, cooperation with ICOMOS South Africa, ISC Cultural Landscapes]
another meeting in Paris in connection with the General Assembly.

2012 annual meeting in Beijing, China, with workshop and symposium in Guanyin (Xiamen), Wuhan and Beijing
in cooperation with ICOMOS China.

2013 annual meeting in Havana, Cuba, together with a joint seminar on fortification with ICoFort and ICOMOS Cuba.

2014 annual meeting in Melaka, George Town (Malaysia) and Bandung (Indonesia) together with workshops and study tours in cooperation with ICOMOS Malaysia and ICOMOS Indonesia and local universities and stakeholders.

b. Other meetings

identify other meetings within the ICOMOS agenda and other heritage agendas in which SBH can contribute
[- 2009 June: scientific SBH meeting in Sri Lanka, in cooperation with ISC Cultural Tourism, local government and stakeholders and Dutch organizations;

- 2010 ISC SBH held a Bureau meeting and a little workshop in Dublin, Ireland concurrent with the Advisory and Scientific Council meetings. In cooperation with ICOMOS Ireland, Business meetings in Bali, Indonesia, Bangkok, Thailand, Tokyo, Japan

- 2011 Cooperation with ICOMOS South Korea, mAAN, TICCIH and Universities for a conference on industrial heritage in Asia. ISC SBH’ part: shared industrial heritage in Asia,
- Business meeting with ICOMOS Brazil in Florianopolis

- 2012 cooperation with ICOMOS Philippines and ICTC: International committee on Cultural Tourism on a conference in Manila and Vigan

- 2013 symposium in Wuhan, China, founding of a research institute on shared built heritage at China Central Normal University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan

- 2014 study tour and workshop in Melaka, George Town Malaysia and Bandung (Indonesia)

c. Cooperation with other ICOMOS Committees

• identify committees to cooperate with in annual meetings or other scientific activities
[ contacts are made with Fortifications and Military Heritage, Cultural Tourism, Wood, Cultural Landscapes and CIVVIH-Historic Towns]
• communicate with the board of the ISC's and Scientific Council on these activities

d. World Heritage Advise

• provide advisory services to the ICOMOS WH Panel through the membership, by announcing the possibility to ICOMOS Paris

.desk reviews on applications concerning a shared aspect in the OUV by members of the committee

e. 17th ICOMOS General Assembly

• develop contributions that support the scientific program of the next GA

• develop initiatives in order to support general ICOMOS goals, such as the Climate Change theme (2008-), Social Change theme (2010)

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