International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
21st General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GA2023)
ICOMOS GA2023 Program

Haberfield Seminar 

WG 07 - ISCSBH Annual General Meeting

During the ICOMOS General Assembly held in Sydney, we also held our Annual General
Meeting 2023, this time with the aim of electing the bureau for the next three-year period
2024-2026, in accordance with our bylaws.

Those of you who were there in person and online already know the results, and for
those of you who couldn’t attend, here are the results:

President: Maria José de Freitas (Portugal, second continuous term).
VPresident Europe: Romeo Carabelli (France, second continuous term).
VPresident Asia: Soehardi Hartono (Indonesia, first term)
Secretary General: John Ward, (Canada, first term since 2020.)
Emerging Professional representative: Mohamed W. Fareed (Egypt, first term).

Richard Mackay welcoming members of the ISCSBH to the ICOMOS Sydney 2023 GA
at the Sydney Opera House on 2 September, 2023. (JW).

icomos HPJan24 2

ISCSBH President Maria José de Freitas speaking at the ISC SBH AGM to those
present and to those participating virtually. (JW).


What is SBH?

The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage (ISCSBH) was set up to promote greater protection and conservation of the shared heritage built over time by different cultures and civilisations with different social and religious backgrounds. For this purpose, the ISCSBH researches and fosters discussion on the understanding of ‘shared’ and on the management of historical built legacies resulting from multicultural encounters and mutual influences. The group is relatively young, having started in 1998 as the Scientific Committee on Shared Colonial Architecture and Town Planning, and changing its name in 2003 to reflect more open objectives. 

In some cases, shared heritage is at the centre of identity narratives constructed by different communities and nations; in others, it is the source of tension, and is therefore neglected. The aim of the scientific group is therefore to understand how shared heritage is valued and promote its revitalization, rehabilitation, and conservation, encouraging the use of existing structures and of traditional building techniques as much as possible.

To this end, the ISCSBH organises meetings, debates, study visits, symposia, and conferences with the aim of disseminating the state of the art in various technical, scientific and academic fields, promoting the exchange of knowledge and, through thematic workshops, trying to instill a taste and curiosity for heritage conservation among young people and emerging graduates.

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